Rodrigo G

My full name is Rodrigo J. Garcia and I am 18 years of age. I barely graduated from high school at Guajome Park Academy. I am a hard worker with high amount of patients. Usually on the outside, people see me as a responsible adult but in the inside I can be goofy with everyone. Although being goofy is fun, there is always limitations factors like what's right from wrong. In other words, I can be goofy but to the point where there are scenarios when things get serious. Growing up, I had a single mother who also is a hard-worker and I would stay home with my siblings to babysit them. From changing diapers, putting them to sleep, calming them down, feeding them at least 3 meals a day, arts and craft time, to having fun. Currently, I often times babysit my sister and we do all kinds of fun from coloring, dress up, hide and go seek, teaching how to clean after yourself, explaining right from wrong, how to talk (bilingual/ how to use your words when wanting something), and to utilize manners.

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