Trained Babysitter ( english, punjabi, hindi, Urdu, german)


Iam Navi (Manvinder Singh) it‘s my nickname so that you can feel confident while pronouncing my name haha!:).

Iam 27 years old, and currently studying medicine in the 10th semester. Prior and into doing so I had a 6 years total experience of teaching kids and just looking out for them, kids with anger issues, Problems and Problems. But also I had to bring in my work into the Kindergarten to make sure we all the rules and regulations are held in right.

Currently due to corona I have lots of time to entertain and just keep an eye out on your Child.

Something about myself in private:

Iam the Friend type, I do not smoke and do not drink ( but I am not against grown ups doing it) I‘m 6,04“ and keep myself healthy. I have had acting and singing classes and have been in schools to push my artistic side.

Being a Sikh and grown up with all types of religion I can bring in the best, peaceful way of understanding your rules and helping you to maintain your life as a whole, while I take care of your children.

Since I am the first born and all my aunts and uncles also my parents had to work a lot, I was the one in charge to keep the cousins in check haha. What I go by is never be harmful or bad in wording, rather make them understand what is wrong in a way they will take it as info.


I‘m good at any subject, if your child needs teaching of school Material, the Price will rise to a maximum of 40 Dollars.

Hopefully we can help each other, I can keep on bringing money in through covid 19 times and you can have a perfect experience in Babysitting and Tutoring.

Stay healthy and careful
Manvinder Singh

Cancellation Policy: A Order can be canceled by the parent or guardian at the end of each month with a notice period of 4 weeks
Willing to Accept Promotional Deals/Rates: Yes
Availability (in Eastern Time):
Monday Morning (7am-12pm)
Monday Afternoon (12pm-5pm)
Monday Evening (5pm-10pm)
Tuesday Morning (7am-12pm)
Tuesday Afternoon (12pm-5pm)
Tuesday Evening (5pm-10pm)
Wednesday Morning (7am-12pm)
Wednesday Afternoon (12pm-5pm)
Wednesday Evening (5pm-10pm)
Thursday Morning (7am-12pm)
Thursday Afternoon (12pm-5pm)
Thursday Evening (5pm-10pm)
Friday Morning (7am-12pm)
Friday Afternoon (12pm-5pm)
Friday Evening (5pm-10pm)
Weekend Days (8am-4pm)
Weekend Evenings (4pm-10pm)
Preferred Video Conferencing Platforms:
Google Hangout
Willing to Tutor / Teach School Material: Yes
Years of Babysitting Experience: >5
Highest Education Attained: Completed College
Willing to Provide References if Requested: Yes

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