Virtual Babysitting

Child Care Through Video Conferencing

Become a Virtual Babysitter

Interested in becoming a virtual babysitter? Get started now by creating your account and babysitting profile.

Become a Virtual Babysitter

How It Works

1. Parents book virtual babysitter

2. Virtual babysitter sends video conference dial in info

3. Family and virtual babysitter log into video conference

4. Virtual babysitter takes care of kids; parents can focus on other things

5. Parents pay virtual babysitter through Venmo, Zelle, etc

It's a Win-Win-Win

Kids have fun - Parents get a break - Virtual babysitter earns money

All while social distancing

Parents, no time to find a virtual babysitter?

Let us do the legwork for you! If you're too busy to search for a virtual babysitter, just contact us! Let us know when you need a sitter (including time zone), how much you're willing to pay per hour, and how old your kids are. We'll tap into our virtual babysitter network for you to set up a session. (Please give us 24 hours notice.)

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